Edinburgh Council Sells Off Land To Cash In.

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How to Find Land For Development

– Many self builders answer when asked that low running costs and the way green their residence is was the key reason for building their own home

– However there exists still plenty of snobbery in self building, the wealthy have always liked to show off making use of their grand designs as well as the eco issue has emphasised this very point

– In some houses it’s not at all unusual to find out complete walls made of glass in support of high quality seasoned wood being used

– However you’ll find others which simply want to create a normal family home but include solar panel systems and a thatched roof

The council would not realise that there was a strip of landblocking their development to the Industrial Estate after they conducted asearch in the area prior to the building work began. Castle Point Council’s development controlcommittee decided against taking law suit against the landowner, they havedecided to negotiate with him instead.

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